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Unlimited Free Online Waivers for Axe Throwing


Save time and trees with free online waivers from Axe Booker.

An online waiver/release form has two primary protective purposes:

  1. Contractual exculpation, which uses contract law principles (waivers and releases are contracts) to excuse an axe throwing facility for its simple negligence; and
  2. To provide evidence that the venue warned participants of the inherent risks associated with throwing axes.

Axe Booker automatically creates waivers and makes it easy for staff to obtain all participant waiver forms.

Axe Booker simplifies the customer journey by incorporating waivers into the online booking system. Guests can quickly sign and submit required waivers prior to their scheduled booking. Forms are securely stored in your account for a period of 12 months.

Say goodbye to filing cabinets and paper waivers for good.

Axe booker clients receive unlimited online waivers, at no added cost.

Here are all the features of Axe Booker Digital Waivers

  • Unlimited online waivers
  • Secure online waiver storage for a period of 12 months
  • Allow customers to print or download their waivers
  • Simplify the online customer journey with joint payments & waivers.
  • View and search all your signed waivers online
  • Download or print your signed waivers anytime
  • Formatted for all device types. (Desktops, mobile & tablets)

Get started creating unlimited waivers today with Axe Booker.

Frequently asked questions about online waivers:

A waiver is a legal contract that’s signed by a customer/guest, who, in exchange for the opportunity to throw axes, gives up their right to seek legal recourse in the event of an injury. The participant is essentially waiving their right to be compensated in the event of an injury.

A waiver should include the following criteria:

  • The minimum age permitted to sign
  • A warning that the individual signing the waiver will waive their right to sue
  • References of the company and individuals who are being protected in the event of a lawsuit
  • Comprehensive description of the risks associated with throwing axes
  • Signature of the participant
  • Parental signature for those under age

To waive means to give up a right. A waiver document is intended to be evidence of this act. A signed liability waiver can’t prevent someone from filing a lawsuit against you, but it can help you win any that may come your way.

A waiver will inform your customers of the risks they face upon entering your premises. This liability form places the responsibility back on the customer. This means that the customer takes responsibility and won’t be able to sue your business for injury or illness.

Without a waiver form, participants will not have all the information they need to make an informed decision about your venue. In fact, many individuals are so used to signing online waivers, that they may assume an event without one has zero risk, even for activities such as axe throwing.

Since minors lack the legal capacity to sign contracts, liability waivers commonly require a “parent/guardian” signature on the minor’s behalf. We recommend all axe throwing venues consult a lawyer prior to creating their waiver.